I'm Dawn Croydon-Fowler

I'm an Online Therapist that helps people Recover from their Troubled or Toxic Family

The Reach Approach
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Hello and Welcome

Maybe things has happened to you, especially in your childhood or when you were an adolecent and you want to understand how it affected you and find a way to change it!

Your family isn’t the best. Perhaps your parent(s) have an alcohol or mental health issue, or you suspect them of having Narcissistic Traits

As a result, you could be suffering from low self-esteem, challenging relationships, stress, anxiety, or depression

You could also be struggling with imposter syndrome, lack of purpose, or self-doubt

Maybe your ways of coping could include drinking too much, overeating or under-eating, working too hard, or gambling, or other things

As your Therapist I will help you learn how to live your life. To not live your life through your past experiences with your Toxic Family

Toxic Family Therapist

Do you need Therapy that gets to the hear of what is really going on for you?

You understand that you had a troubled childhood and your family is problematic but you want to live your life past that.

You not only want to survive but to live!

But how do you do that?

Where do you start?

Starting your healing journey will, for many seem daunting at first and change may seem almost impossible.

But, that’s where I come in.

With my support, you could obtain the life you deserve.

Here’s why: 

How I work as Your Therapist

I work using a variety of tools and strategies that provides a framework on how you could improve your life

You will begin to understand why your past has affected you  and how this is the key to liking yourself more. This bit could be done at your pace.

You will not be judged for how you feel about your family…. Even if it is your parents, your siblings, your grandparents or your adult children. You have a safe place to talk about your feelings openly.

I strictly adhere to confidentiality where our conversations are between you and me.

You will learn how to live your life. To not just live your life through your past experiences.

As your Therapist, I will support you Holistically. That means looking at not only how you are feeling inside but how your life on a whole is affected. This could include your lifestyle, physical health, and what you want for your life as well. 

At Fresh Springs Therapy services I use a variety of Psychotherapy techniques to help with childhood trauma, depression, anxiety, anger management issues, relationship problems, bereavement, and loss.

Read more about me here 

What I Offer

What do I do next?

Step 1

Read through my website in particular my About me page which aexplains how I work.

I also run a Blog and Podcast on Ultimately Healing.com that has a variety of articles on different subjects. Think of any questions you would like to ask me when you get in touch

Step 2

Contact Me – Call, Email, or Text to book an appointment. I offer a 15-minute chat for FREE of Charge, for you to discuss your next steps with me.

As I'm an online therapist, I can work with you anywhere in the UK or even in some circumstances, abroad.

Step 3

Arrange a session with me. We will arrange a mutually agreed time that suits us both for an Online Therapy Session. Read what will happen during your first session to allay any fears

Step 4

Attend your session at Fresh Springs Therapy and continue with your healing journey and to start your new life.

I am a  UK  based Online Therapist living in Sutton Coldfield,            West Midlands

Call for a free 15 minute no obligation consultation to talk about your next steps.

Also, don’t forget to follow me for information, self care tips and coping strategies for your healing journey: