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The 7 / 11 Breathing Technique

Do you suffer from anxiety, stress, panic attacks?
Are you frightened of having another panic attack?
Do you have problems getting to sleep or getting back to sleep after waking up in the middle of the night?
Do you feel stressed in certain situations and not sure what to do?
You might be interested to know that there is a simple breathing technique called 7-11 Breathing which can reduce the symptoms of anxiety. Used over time regularly, it will help you even more.
Deep-breathing has so many benefits. It can help relieve long, short-term stress and anxiety. Which in turn will help relieve physical health problems such as headaches that can stem from anxiety and stress.

I am introducing this simple deep-breathing technique to get you started. It is so easy to use that you can use it anywhere, whether you are sitting down watching T.V, you are lying awake in bed or at work whilst you are busy.
You can just take a few moments out to just stop and just breathe.

Breathing in this particular way I am about to explain to you, will help deepen your relaxation experience.

7 / 11 Breathing technique - graphic

7 / 11 Breathing Technique - Instructions

Get comfortable

Close your eyes, if you choose.

When pressing deep breathing try to breathe in from a stomach rather than from your chest. When you do that, you would see your stomach inflate when you’re breathing in and deflate when you’re breathing out. This will give you an even deeper relaxation experience.

Just in-hale through your nose slowly for 7 seconds noticing your stomach inflating then breathe out slowly from your mouth for 11 seconds, your stomach should deflate.

Don’t worry if you can’t do this straight away keep trying. Like any other skill it will always improve with practice. Also don’t worry if your thoughts wander all over the place this is normal as well.

Try for yourself give it a chance there are no side effects and you’ve got nothing to lose

To enhance your experience even further, you could try the following useful pointers

This can be done anywhere but ideally, sit down in a comfortable chair or sofa. or just find a comfortable place on the floor.

Sit in complete silence or listen to some relaxing music such as Mozart
You can try this also in the mornings just before we go start your day also it will help you to unwind in the evening just before you go to sleep this it is also useful when you can’t sleep, and you have insomnia

Apply this technique whilst meditating or listening to guided meditation

Recite a mantra, say a prayer or repeat some positive affirmations. You can repeat something like this

  • “I breath in peace and breathe out anxiety”
  • “I breathe out fear and breathe in love”
  • “I breathe in calm and breathe out Stress”


You can also try and use what we call creative visualization. This is where you try and picture something in your mind. It could be a nice place you love to go to that is calm and peaceful.

It could be that you imagine being with someone that you really love and who cares for you that always makes you feel safe.

Just visualise yourself being in a place that you love and where you are happy.
Or just try visualising the following:

  • Imagine yourself in a beautiful, natural environment.
  • It could be in a meadow, you could be on top of a mountain, in a forest, beside the sea.
  • It could even be on a boat in the ocean
  • or in a nice old English chocolate box cottage with a large open fire.
  • Wherever it is, it should feel comfortable, pleasant and peaceful for you.


Using your imagination, look around the environment. What can you hear, see, smell or touch? What can you feel?

Maybe you feel the warmth of the sun, or the grass between your toes or the rain. See yourself enjoying where you are and imagine yourself feeling safe and calm.

Make this your own special place where what happens there is what you choose. How you want it to look and feel. It is entirely up to you.
You can return at any given time, just by closing your eyes and desiring to be there.

You will always find it healing and relaxing to be there.

It is also up to you to be very creative in your sanctuary and have a lot of fun there.

Just remember to retain the primary qualities of peacefulness, tranquility and a feeling of absolute safety.

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