About Dawn Croydon-Fowler

Trauma Informed Online Therapist

I believe that a privileged background comes from having a childhood where you were loved, accepted, praised, guided, allowed to experience life as a child, given enough attention and understood etc.

Very often many of us did not get that, even if we appeared to live in a lovely house, lived in a good area, had two holidays a year. Those things were good, but as a child, you needed more. A lot more.

Maybe You: 

  • Have a difficult relationship with your parents, even if you have left home many years ago
  • Are not sure how your childhood would have affected you as on the surface, you weren’t “abused”
  • Take care of others so much, especially your family or adult children with little room for you and your life.
  • Don’t want to pass it on you own experiences to your children
  • Made mistakes as a parent with your children and you want to learn how to put them right.
  • Know that your parent’s weren’t the best but you struggle making sense of your experiences
  • Could see that my parents are great people now but as a child, things were different. Why does it still affect me?
  • Don’t know how to live your life as you feel stuck in some of your childhood experiences

They are so many ways which the connection between you and your family can affect you.  

The journey to understanding how your family affects you, whilst improving your well-being would help improve your life massively.

Due to my own life experiences coupled with, my personality, my life values, my qualifications and my experiences as a Therapist. I can help  you learn how to:

  • believe in yourself even if your family didn’t or don’t believe in you
  • find the balance in your life taking care of your needs and those of your family or your job etc
  • accept what you want and need for your own life
  • Understand clearly the links between your personal life experiences and how your life is today.
  • connect with other people, even if you struggle to connect with your family
  • etc etc

Well, I think when you meet me, you will find I am easy to talk to. People find that I am friendly, approachable, and very “down-to-earth.” I really enjoy talking to my clients and supporting them with their issues.

Believe it or not, at one stage of my life I was totally frightened of people, I didn’t myself and thought people always hated me. 

My journey to where I am now, has not been easy but the support of my therapist helped me on my way.

My therapist guided me gently into starting to take care of my Body, Mind, and Emotions, also my Spirit that was broken and how it all played out in my environment.

That’s how I hope to be there for you.

A bit more about My Experience

I have worked for 10 years for charities supporting people with their addictions and also worked in hostels and charities doing community development work. I have been counselling since 2008 and have worked with a wide variety of people over the years.

Post Graduate Certificate in Holistic and Integrative Psychotherapy (HIP) – The Reach Approach
Diploma in Counselling NCFE Level 4
Psychology: University Degree Level – Modules in -Child Development, Exploring Psychology, Social Psychology, Cognitive Psychology
Certificate in Counselling Theory NCFE
Certificate in Counselling Skills CPCAB
BA (Hons.) Business Studies: University of Central England

So why not contact me. There will be absolutely no obligation on your part if you want to arrange a Free 15-minute chat. I understand that this is a big step, it is also a massive investment and you want to make sure I am the right person for you.

In the meantime, don’t forget to follow me on Instagram where I post many items relating to how I can support you.


Why work with Me..


I have worked as a Counsellor & Therapist since 2009 and for over 10 years in the addiction field

Life Experience

Having undergone my own personal journal from a life of pain to feeling contented


I love what I do I also love listening and help you understand yourself more.