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Addiction is less about giving up something and more about gaining something, that something is a more meaningful, authentic, and connected life.

Addiction takes things, recovery gives them back, including; self-esteem, love for and from self and others, meaning, passion, ability to deal with life’s challenges, healing, and hope.

– Counsellor Andrew Harvey.


Whether it’s your first time dealing with alcohol problems, addiction to substances, problem gambling or one of many attempts to change, each relapse:

  • You can feel out of your control
  • You can feel out of your control
  • It may feel emotionally and physically painful
  • It can lower your self-worth and self-belief
  • It can increase your sense of failure and reluctance to consider change

I can first help you identify whether you have an addiction but my assumption here is that you know you have a problem, that’s why you are looking for addiction counselling.

My belief is that you weren’t born addicted to whatever you’re addicted to, something happened on the way to bring you to where you are now. I also don’t ascribe to the notion that you have a disease, even though it might feel like it. 

Over time, I hope you will “learn” that you have power, and control and you can make choices for yourself.

My hope for you with sessions with me is that you start to have compassion for yourself. Also learn that you doing the best you can, with what you have learnt in life.

The great news now, is that you can unlearn those self-destructive habits and start to appreciate the person you are. You see, the thing is, there is nothing wrong with you, the only issue is that you are using something to cope that is destructive to yourself and maybe others.

Whatever point you are right now, I can provide:

  • help to understand the causes of your addiction as this helps you to have more compassion
  • emotional and lifestyle support while you are on this journey
  • educational information on why you are addicted and what you can do about it
  • tools and strategies to prevent and deal with any relapses
  • emotional support for any of your family members. it can guide those around you such as family and friends to better understand your addiction and learn how to support you during your recovery.
  • Therapy for addiction can and identify any possible triggers that may lead to a relapse.


Lasting recovery also needs to be holistic and involves taking care of your mind, body, environment and spirit.

For your mind, Addiction counselling can also help you deal with any other psychological issues that may be attached to your addiction such as depression, low self-esteem or anxiety.

For your Spirit, You may feel lost, not knowing who you are outside of addiction.

For your Environment – who and what is in your environment will have an impact on your recovery. We all need healthy relationships, a safe place to live. You will have the support you need to attain these goals.

For your body – No matter how positive you feel about your recovery, What is happening with our bodies can either support it or undermine it. Things like nutrition, sleep is important.

Sessions are usually once a week or once a fortnight also.

I have worked for many years in the addiction field, so you have a wealth of knowledge, time to spend if you and compassion at your disposal.

My Addictions Counselling service offers private Counselling and therapy online therapy worldwide.

Also at your disposal is that I am an Addictions Therapist that incorporates a number of therapeutic ways of working including cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), Emotional freedom Work, holistic therapy, psychodynamic therapy and motivational interviewing. I am a strong believer in working with you to find ways of that are best for you.

I tend to work in a structured way that involves worksheets, reading, homework etc but the material I use and how I work will be unique to your needs. Everything will be done at your pace.

I will encourage and support you. Also, you won’t feel judged. If you are feeling overwhelmed, we can take things at your pace.

I just see it as an opportunity to walk with you into your new life. I will be here as your cheerleader!

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