Addiction Counselling & Therapy

Addiction Counselling

Addiction is less about giving up something and more about gaining something, that something is a more meaningful, authentic and connected life. Addiction takes things, recovery gives them back, including; self-esteem, love for and from self and others, meaning, passion, ability to deal with life’s challenges, healing, and hope. - Counsellor Andrew Harvey.

Addictions can develop from normal day to day habits such has drinking alcohol, gambling, eating, having sex, and using the internet. All which can be harmful if not needed for us to survive, can turn into something destructive.

Whether it’s your first time of dealing with alcohol problems, addiction to substances, problem gambling or one of many attempts to change, each relapse:

  • You can feel out of your control
  • You can feel out of your control
  • It may feel emotionally and physically painful
  • It can lower your self-worth and self-belief
  • It can increase your sense of failure and reluctance to consider change


It can stop you taking responsibility for the choices you make

  • It can be used as an excuse to blame others…life…your addiction


In the long-term STAYING STOPPED can improve:

  • Your self-worth and belief
  • Your health and life expectancy
  • Your personal and family relationships
  • Self-confidence and ability to cope with life’s problems more effectively
  • Your chances of having a better life – free from addiction.


In order to engage in this process, you would have needed to have had a detox or reduced your substance misusing.

Addiction Therapy with Fresh Springs could benefit you in many ways. It will help you to:

  • develop some relapse prevention strategies
  • work through the reasons why you were addicted in the first place
  • move past the pain and hurt of living with an addiction
  • learn how to support someone, a family member or friend with an addiction
  • create a life for yourself beyond addiction


Being addicted to whatever substance albeit alcohol, heroin, prescription medication, cocaine, cannabis or even gambling etc. as you already know, the physical side of addiction is easier to deal with.

When you compare it  to the emotional and psychological implications.
And it is the emotional and psychological that I am here to help you deal with.

After a period of time of being alcohol or drug free, you may now wish to completely put it all behind you. you no longer want to be triggered by life stresses.

To always have the label “alcoholic “ or “recovering alcoholic”. You don’t need to live with those labels.

You are you and it’s important to find you and create a life for yourself without being addicted to one substance or another.
With my many years of working with addiction, I believe I am qualified and experienced work with you.

I will support you with:

understanding your addiction. By understanding your addiction, you would start understand you
any relapse prevention strategies.

This will be holistic, taken into consideration what is happening with

  1. Your Mind (what you think about yourself and orders),
  2. Your body (how your health has been impacted by your addiction also how looking after your body will help you),
  3. Your spirit (who you are deep down and here you are meant to be),
  4. Finally your environment (who and what is supporting you).
  • Underpinning all of that we will explore any trauma you may have experienced either before you started using, you during your life when you were actually using and how things are for you now.


You will eventually be able to, at your pace, put that part of your life completely behind you.

I will support you in becoming the person you have always wanted to be.

Throughout this process, you will be completely, all the way. I will not challenge you too much so it will completely overwhelm you.

You will also be provided with much needed coping strategies to help you through this. these strategies will also help you throughout your life.

I am a Therapist based in Sutton Coldfield, UK also available online.

Call for a free 15 minute no obligation consultation to talk about your next steps.

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