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All about Anger

All about Anger Anger is one emotion that a lot of us are dubious about. Many of us don’t like anger so we supress it and try not to show it. Others don’t know how to not show their angry emotions and can go from 0 – 60, from calm to full-blown rage. They then…

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All about Stress

About Stress Constant stress is so common know adays that I think we as a society has normalised it as part of daily life, especially for us in the West. However, the amount of stress that most of us go through shouldn’t be part of daily life and it shouldn’t be normalised as it is….

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All about Grief & Bereavement

About Grief and Bereavement At some point, we are likely to experience the grief of losing someone we love or something we care Loss and death are an inevitable part of life. To feel shocked, numb, angry, and sad form part of the natural grieving process. What is Grief? Grief is the pain of loosing…

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All about Abuse

All About Abuse There are many types of abuse that affects both Children, adults alike and people from all walks of life. In this guide, I will focus on some of the main types of child abuse experienced by adults as a child or young person. This is important because the traumatising experiences for many…

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All about Depression

All About Depression Many of us feel time from time to time. We feel fed up, miserable when things happen to us. It is very normal to experience depression when stressful events happen. If we have lost our job, ended a relationship etc. These are understandable reactions to upsetting or stressful events and experiences, it…

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All about Anxiety

All About Anxiety Anxiety is all about feeling fear, but this feeling of fear and anxiety can range in it’s intensity. It can start from feelings of unease and range to feeling so afraid that it prevents you from doing day to day things that you wish to do. In this article, I will look…