Blob Tree Activity _ Use This Tool To Help You Express Your Feelings

If you are someone or you know someone that finds it difficult to put how you are feeling into words, Ive got an easy tool that would help you understand how you feel better.

The Blob tree activity

can help you express feelings and emotions. It is sometimes called the Jelly baby tree and was created by a man Called Pip Wilson. You use it to help you communicate how you feel and what is happening for you. It can be used to help adults and children talk about how they are feeling.

You could buy a copy of the activity on their website. As you could see it contains a lot of pictures of jelly people but not words. And that’s the great thing about it, its not about the words but about what those images represent for the you. Its also useful as there are no language barriers – as it is now available in over 100 countries from Pip Wilson’s website.

Could use to point out where ideally you would like to be next – what do you need to do to get there

Where do you feel you are right now in life – what needs to be done for you to leave

Which one represents exactly how you are feeling now

Other ways you can use it is to work out which Blob:

1: …do you feel least like?
2: …do you feel like at the start of the week?
3:….is how you felt yesterday?
4:….is most like your mother?
5: …is most like your father? 
6: …is when you get angry?

7:….is when someone points out your mistakes?
8: …is how you feel about getting older?

9: …do you feel like today?

10: …is the Blob you’ve never been?

If you have looked at the tree and could think of a way of how you would use it, feel free to share it with the rest of us. Some one else would find your ideas beneficial, feel free to add them down in the comments section.

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