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Emotional Abuse and Trauma

I love reading and learning to develop me as a Therapist. How I work and the working with your family of origin is something I am really passionate about.

Trauma Informed Therapy

To me, trauma in itself isn’t just about the things that happened, it is about the life you experienced that shaped who you are. It is also about the life that you are living now that can contribute to how you are feeling.

Emotional Abuse

Very often it is not just the one big obvious types of trauma that we know about, it is very much about how our families were. Most of us will cope with very difficult circumstances in life, if our families were supportive emotionally, spiritually and physically. 

That is why a lot of emotional and relationship problems are linked to our experiences with our families as a child growing up. This could be anxiety, depression, anger, low self esteem and addictions. 

My family of origin work in therapy involves an exploration of the past. To give you an understanding of how the past might have impacted you.

I will help you consider how your thoughts and beliefs impact your feelings and ultimately your behavior.

Our early experiences shape what we say about ourselves, others and the world. Our families shape our beliefs, our values and very often we go through life and we don’t question them. Especially when they are not working for us. 

I will work with you to look through your experiences to help you understand why you are you. This is done gently at your pace in a way not to cause you any further trauma. At the same time, I will support you with tools to help you cope with your emotions. 

It is not a quick fix as you can imagine but you will be on the way to being the person you want to be. 

Holistic Therapy

I work holistically, please see below, as I believe that we are not an island. What we eat, drink, our purpose in life, who we love, who loves us a whole myriad of things affect who we are. When we take those things into consideration, it would help us to be more of the person we want to be

Holistic means looking at you as a person as a whole, taking into consideration the needs of everything about you including your – mind, body, spirit and the environment in which you are in. 

I believe that we must pay equal attention to what is happening in your mind, body, spirit and environment,  for you to improve your emotional, physical and mental health. To also enjoy life better and to be happy.



The word integrative means using different psychological ideas and therapy tools that would suit you in order to help you improve your life.

As I work with the Reach Approach, integrative means much more than this. We believe in ‘synergy’; this means that no single approach, remedy or technique provides the answer to all our problems. It is the blending of different viewpoints and systems  that is going to help you, not only survive your difficulties but to become the best version of yourself.

And so we include not only psychological viewpoints but also other areas related to human health and well-being such as your diet and nutrition, what you want for your life, and other scientific research that is so useful and informative. 

I am a Therapist based in Sutton Coldfield, UK also available online.

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