Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy & Counselling

I offer Individual Therapy and Counselling On-line 

Individual therapy (you may hear it called counselling, psychotherapy, or talk therapy) is a type of support where individuals work one-on-one with a trained therapist or psychologist in a supportive and confidential environment. This can either take place in a comfortable office or online using software like Zoom or Teams.

At Fresh Springs Therapy Service, I am able to help you target short-term or longer-term concerns with cognitive behavioral therapy, psychodynamic, holistic therapy and other appropriate techniques.

This approach aims to create long-lasting improvement by helping you understand how your past as brought you to where you are now, teaching you techniques to manage existing issues as well as to navigate future challenges on your own.

As your therapist, I will capitalize on existing strengths, while learning new coping skills to overcome challenges and increase your satisfaction with life.

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