5 Simple Meditation Breathing Techniques for Beginners & Those who want to Brush up their Skills

Meditation Breathing Techniques Breathing is the most important part of meditation because it helps to take us through the relaxation phase. It does this by helping the body to relax. We need to breathe properly if we want to have a healthy mind and a healthy brain.

If you are not sure how to start meditation, this article provides meditation techniques for beginners and if you want to brush up your skills. I have sourced some great meditations on youtube to hopefully get you started.

If you are not sure how to start meditation, this article provides meditation techniques for beginners and if you want to brush up your skills. I have sourced some great meditations on youtube to hopefully get you started.

I have also provided different ways on how to breathe in a previous article. You can use these whilst you are meditating, which will really help you to relax a lot easier. I have provided five different ones here. There are a lot more but these are quite simple to help get you started.

I recommend that you practice those breathing techniques before you start on these meditations.

I have previously done several articles on Meditation. The first one explained what meditation is and some of the different types of meditation. This was followed by one on the benefits of meditation then I provided 7 ways to help you to start meditating.

The meditation techniques I will be providing here will take you through learning how to meditate. You can start off with the five minute meditation then increase to the ten, then 15, 20. You can increase your time as and when you start to get used to it.

I have also provided different types of meditation including ones specifically for sleep, managing anxiety,a body scan, progressive muscle.

You may want to listen to them with some comfortable headphones that won’t keep falling out.

Also, please remember, in order to get the full benefit of meditation, you really need to be doing this at least five days out of seven days in the week. This way, you will also get used to doing this and start to really feel the benefits from them.

Read my previous article on how to start here, if you have not done so already.


Meditation Techniques for Beginners

Great as a grounding technique and for stress management
The great thing about these breathing exercises is that once you have done them a few times at home, you could do this anywhere. They make great relaxing and grounding techniques if you feel stressed or anxious.

Getting comfortable
For each one, it is important that you get yourself comfortable either by sitting in a comfortable chair with your back well supported and your feet on the ground. You can even try them lying down, just make sure that your back and neck is straight.

If you can, sit cross legged in the lotus position, if you are comfortable.

Or just sit on the floor with your legs straight out on a nice cushion

How to inhale and exhale
When inhaling, breath in through your nose.
When exhaling breath out through your mouth, just you are blowing gently through a small hole

Meditation Breathing Techniques

What I’m going to do now is take you through five different breathing exercises:

Deep breathing
Deep Abdominal Breathing
Alternate Nostril
Breath Retention
Heart Activation

They are all good. You can try them all then find out which one works best for you. You only need to try them for about five minutes each.

As I said, you only need to be doing each of these meditation breathing techniques for up to five minutes each. It might help to have a stopwatch with a gentle alarm

Deep breathing
The main thing about this one is being aware of your breathing. .
You don’t need to do anything special but breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth, deeper than you would normally.

Try to inhale through your nose, gently and deeply all the while focusing on your breath
Then exhale through your mouth also focusing on your breath

Deep Abdominal Breathing

I’d like you to concentrate on just deep breathing just breathing deeply and notice what happens in your body.

Take a deep breath 

Notice your stomach expanding that’s because your diaphragm here just expands downward to allow all the air in and out pushes your stomach outwards.

And that’s what should happen when we’re doing deep breathing.

Just put your hand towards the lower part of your stomach – just below your belly button

I want you to concentrate on breathing into that area.

Just put a little bit of pressure not too much
So a nice deep breath in and then exhale all the way and then a nice deep breath in and exhale it out

All the way and one more one nice deep breath in breathing into the abdomen and exhale it all the way.

OK so now you’ve got the idea of what it feels like to breathe into that part the part just below your belly button when we’re breathing out we’re going to breathe out all the way and when I say all the way

Some people might do during any of these exercises might get a little bit lightheaded because what we’re doing is we’re oxygenated in the body properly. That’s not a problem if you get lightheaded. If you need to stop by all means stop.

But if you want to keep going that’s fine too.

If you like, you can try it 10 times here. We’re going to do 10 big exhales inhales and exhales first So are you ready.

You can count them out in your mind. There is no need to shut your eyes at this point.

Alternate nostril breathing
You might not want to do this if you have a bit of a cold or an allergy.
This is a great one to do that because the concentration needed in your mind to breathe in one nostril and breathe out one nostril and then breathe in the other and breathe out the other is quite a lot of concentration.

You can try just placing your finger on the nostril you are NOT breathing in if that would help.
It might seem strange to start with but with practice you can do it.
Just try now for ten seconds hold your finger on your left nostril and just breathing in your right nostril
Now you’ve done that one try holding your finger on the right nostril and breathing in on the left nostril.
You can repeat this for five minutes
It’s kind of a strange sensation isn’t it kind of a strange thing if you’ve never tried it before
You can also try – holding your finger on your right nostril. Then taking a deep abdominal breath in then exhale. Do this again on the left nostril
Again you can repeat this for five minutes
As I said you don’t need to use your finger. If you can breathe in and out of each nostril on it’s own, that’s fine.

Breath Retention
So breath retention is about as it can about oxygen eating your body is again about allowing your body
With your lips sealed. What we’re going to do this time is we’re going to take a nice deep breath in again into the abdomen area.
But then when we get to the end of that breath in we’re going to hold it for a count of eight and then we’re going to fully exhale again through your mouth and really blow everything out again.
Then we’re just going to repeat the process.
We’re going to do that just four times.
Another option would be to breathe in for the count of five – hold it for five seconds. Exhale for five seconds then hold for five seconds.
Again just do this four times.
Don’t do this too many times as it might make you light headed.
You can also be flexible if with the amount of counts you are inhaling, exhaling and holding your breath. If you need to go slightly lower, that’s fine. If you find that you can increase your counts and holds, that is fine also.

Heart Activation Breathing
After just 30 seconds or so of deep breathing (mentioned above) we’re going to switch to focus, not breathing in and out through our hearts.
Now obviously physically we can’t breathe through a heart we breathe into our lungs don’t we. However when you concentrate on it you can actually feel it. It almost physically feels like you’re breathing in through your heart by that breath of oxygen going through your heart and that breath out is passing through your heart.
What this does is focusing on a point is helps our mind and our body to know where we want to focus.
Now if it helps you can take your right hand and place it to the left hand side of your chest. We can slightly just put a little bit of pressure. Not too much just so you could feel yourself breathing in and out through your heart.
So let’s just get started now for breathing in and out.
Nice and deeply just start a nice deep breathing rhythm that nice rhythm that’s slightly deeper than you would normally breathe.

Here are the five meditation breathing techniques for you.  You might also find that you prefer just one of these, that’s fine. The most important thing is to do them regularly and consistently like anything, with practice you will get better at them.

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