Self Help Book review – Louise Hay Loving Yourself to Great Health: How To Live A Nutrient-Rich Life For Health, Happiness And Longevity

I will review this book by Louise hay called Loving yourself to great health – how to live a nutrient rich life for health, happiness and longevity.


Before I start this review, all the books I review are books that I like. I don’t have the time to read books that I don’t like. I just read a couple of paragraphs and put it down.

However, I do like this book and I highly recommend it and here’s why:

Louise Hay is more well known as a metaphysical, positive thinking motivational well-ness guru. She did books such as “You can heal your life”, “The power is within you”. She also did tons of affirmations. I was surprised to see this book from her on physical health.

She teamed up with two other people – Ahlea Khadro and Heather Dane. Ahlea who is a Holistic Health Intuitive Nutrionist, Spiritual Mentor. Heather is a Coach, Author and Nutritionist.

Louise passed away in 2017 aged 90 years old and up until then looked amazing. Judging from her own life experiences, she would have something positive to contribute towards how we could live more healthily.

The layout of the book is in two main parts.

The first part gives you information on health and why it is important. They also go into the consequences of poor diet and lifestyle on your health.

The difference between her and other health books is the mind body connection. The mind body connection explains how you think and feel affects your health also vice versa. Also, where what you eat affects how you think and feel.

The running theme through this book, is that if you love yourself, you will take care of your body. Also visa versa, if you start to take care of your body, you will start to love yourself.

Part one’s chapters are classed as steps – steps 1 – 7.

She also talks a lot about how most of the major illnesses we face today, including some autoimmune diseases, are due to our lifestyle such as how stressed out we are, lack of balance in our lives between work and pleasure, smoking, poor diet, lack of exercise, and too much alcohol etc.

And that we can, just by starting to love ourselves more, just make better choices for ourselves

She says that your health is a mirror of your relationship with yourself  

There are other useful things in this book such as there is a simple health assessment so you could assess your health and find areas where you need improving. In true Louise style, there are affirmations and other affirmation type exercises at the end of each chapter.  

There are also case studies on individuals who had certain health conditions who were “cured” by eliminating certain things from their diet and adding natural products etc

I like page 76 The Be Kind to yourself chart – Ditch those harmful soft drinks and energy drinks  – it shows the effects of these drinks on your health including your mental health and experiencing cravings for alcohol.

Part 2 comprises of just recipes ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner. She also does meal plans and shopping lists as well.

What comes across is that she is so passionate about what she does, she also has a lot of faith in her work. This book is in true Louise style, full of positivity and affirmation on how you deserve the best life has to offer and it’s a great bridge from self-help emotional support books to physical health as they are both linked.

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